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Louis Haynes


CEO Tom Meneley Equipment Solutions

Tom Meneley was born in November 1969 in Yerevan, Armenia. grew up in the United Kingdom. After graduating from high school in Armenia, Tom moved to the United Kingdom where he graduated with an MBA at Thames Valley University. Tom Meneley is a Business Man, generally involved in the sales and installation of medical, oil & gas, mining and industrial equipment. He also maintains and repairs equipment. Tom Meneley is also into the importation and exportation of equipment worldwide.

Tom Meneley Equipment Solutions was founded in 2010 by Tom Meneley as a small Medical Equipment Supplier Company. Under Tom’s leadership, the Company has grown from humble beginnings to one of Europe and America’s top Equipment Companies and also one of the United Kingdom’s top Companies and employers and has maintained this position for many years now.

Today the Company has an annual turnover in excess of $10 million, employing around 25 direct employees and others indirectly through sub-contracting activities.

Throughout the early 2010 Tom expanded the business with a string of acquisitions, forming subsidiary Companies to complement our equipment supply activities, these companies together with Tom Meneley Equipment now form the TME Group.

Tom is now the Chairman of Tom Meneley Equipment which has a turnover in excess of $5 million and employs over 25 people

Today Tom Meneley Equipment remains a well-growing business, with an office in London.